Candles light up the night both indoors and out. Get your grandma’s mason jars or rinse out an assortment of jelly, pickle and mayonaise jars and create your own candle chandelier.

Sunset magazine’s Web site recently had a great photo of this very idea. Check it out here. If you tackle this DIY project for your backyard, dining room or patio, send us a photo! And for a nice selection of toxic-free votive candles in dozens of fragrances, remember to shop the Isle.

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I just read where the average American generates three pounds of garbage a day. At Isle of Candles, we are environmentally aware. Not only are the soy lotion candles that our on-site factory makes environmentally friendly, but we have a special fragrance that has a little secret.

Enchanted Island is one of the fabulous fragrances we stock on our store shelves, sell online and make available to wholesale customers nationwide. But one Enchanted Island soy lotion candle might not smell exactly like another Enchanted Island soy lotion candle.

This is because Enchanted Island is a blend of fragrances. And it’s not a blend that we create with a formula of oils or a recipe of sorts. Enchanted Island is one way that Isle of Candles recycles.

You see, when we hand pour candles in 21 oz, 11 oz, 7 oz, 6 oz, 3 oz and tealight-size molds, we oftentimes have a little soy lotion leftover. Instead of throwing this scented soy lotion in the trash, we save it, regardless of which fragrances we were pouring.

So when Janet, our favorite Long Islander is working the store, we sell a tremendous amount of Love Struck, because this is one of Janet’s favorites. That means the factory must make more Love Struck than say, Honeysuckle, that day. So we might have more Love Struck soy lotion leftovers being added to the Enchanted Island blend.
We love Janet and she loves "Love Struck" soy lotion candles.

And now that we are making autumn fragrances, our Enchanted Island has more hints of Pear, Oatmeal Cookie and Rosemary than it does Gardenia, Baby Love and Fresh Crisp Linen.

What is amazing is how wonderfully delightful Enchanted Island always smells, day after day–regardless of the fragrance blend that went into making it.

Enchanted Island is our recycled fragrance and a favorite among customers. And right now in the retail store, Enchanted Island soy lotion candles are 20% off!

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We know that candles don’t burn perfectly every time you light them. So we address the most common problem, tunneling, and give you a simple solution!

Prevent Tunneling
When you burn your candle be sure to let it burn until the entire surface is covered in melted soy oil. Soy has a memory and if you blow out your candle before the candle has burned long enough to melt across the entire surface the soy will “remember” and have a tendency to stop at that same point the next time it is lit.

Repair Tunneling
If tunneling has already occurred, trim the candle’s wick, then take your hairdryer and heat the soy lotion candle from the top. Hold your hairdryer about 12 inches from the candle until the soy melts all the way across. This will level your soy lotion candle and make it ready to burn once again.

The 15-Second Secret
Kathy Miller, Isle of Candles’ owner, suggests softening your soy lotion candle without lighting it by heating it with your hairdryer for 15 short seconds. This warms the candle enough that you can dip into the soy lotion and use it on your skin.

Read all of our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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Cleaning out the bottom of a candle holder is the pits! Before you light a votive candle, add a drop of water to the candle holder. Then place your votive candle right on top of the droplet. This will keep your votive from adhering to the bottom of the holder as it burns. It makes for really easy disposal of your melted votive and helps to keep your candle holder clean.

Just add a little dab of water to each candle holder before lighting these votive candles.

Just add a little dab of water to each candle holder before lighting these votive candles.

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Have you ever considered the list of regular, household items that can be made with soy? We love soy for the soy lotion candles we make in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. But the rest of the world is in love with soy, too. Take a look at just some of places (some might come as a surprise to you) where you can find soy as an ingredient. What started out as a soybean has evolved into far more than soy sauce that we love with our stir fry and sushi.

Food for Thought
Everything from cookies and mayonnaise to protein bars and tofu include soy. There are coffees, teas and shakes made with soy. And soy can be found in dressings, nuts, baking mixes and burgers. There is even soy in some ice cream. Since 2001 soybeans have even been used as a fermenting stock for a particular brand of vodka.
Read more about soy-based foods.

What’s in Your Beauty and Fashion Products?

Are you using soy-based soaps and cosmetics? They are out there. So is clothing made with soy. Fabric made from soy, which looks like silk, dries faster than cotton, wrinkles less and is biodegradable.
Read more about soy-based clothing.

Around the House
Resins, plastics, inks and even crayons are sometimes made with soy. In the United States, soybean oil is the primary source of biodiesel.
Read more about soy-based ink for newspapers.

soybeans in the field

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You love the candlelight glow you get every time you light your living room and dining room tapers. But in the daytime, you see you’re often left with an awful, waxy mess (unless you are in the habit of using dripless candles).

To remove this candle wax from your beautiful candle holders, put the candle holders in the freezer for about an hour. The cold helps to harden the wax, which can then be lifted off. Use your fingernail to scrape off the wax or try a plastic spatula to break it free.

If there is some persistent wax that still won’t scrape off, use your hair dryer on the high setting to melt the wax. Wipe clean with a paper towel.

Simple hot, soapy water should remove any wax smudges left behind.

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Wick Trimming 101

Sure, we all buy candles and they all likely come with a warning label on the bottom of the container, but does anyone ever read those things? If you read Isle of Candles’ warning labels you would discover instructions to keep your wick trimmed to a height of ¼-inch. Such trimming results in longer burn times and a better burning candle.
a warning label from Isle of Candles

Why trim your wick…
In short, the reason you should trim your candle wick is because it makes your candle last longer with the best burn possible. There is an optimum length for our cotton wicks to appropriately absorb and then burn off the melting soy.

Trimming your candle wick helps prevent…
*the wick from leaning over into the candle and getting buried in the soy
*the charred mushroom tip of the burnt wick from breaking off into the candle

When should you trim your wick…
Trim your candle wick every time you light the candle. If you have been burning the candle for several hours, it might be necessary to extinguish the flame, trim the wick and relight the candle if the wick is forming a charred mushroom shape at its tip.

Tools for trimming…
We highly recommend the Wickman wick trimmer because it has a special tray that catches the cut wick, preventing it from falling into the candle. Use nail clippers until you get your wick trimmer. As a last resort use scissors, which can easily damage a candle, not to mention your wrist, due to the angle you must hold the scissors to trim container candle wicks.

The Wickman wick trimmer is a wonderful tool for candle lovers. It's available at Isle of Candles.

The Wickman wick trimmer is a wonderful tool for candle lovers.

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I just wanted you to know that I received the two candles you beautifully put together out of my Dad’s funeral flowers. You did such a beautiful beautiful job. I cannot wait to see my Mom’s expression on Christmas morning when she opens it up and hears the story behind them. Thank you so very much for getting them to me before Christmas and for the gorgeous work put into them. Merry Christmas to you and your family and may God bless you!
–Vickie (Murfreesboro, TN)

Isle of Candles hand makes everlasting memory candles like this one from flowers you give us.

Isle of Candles hand makes everlasting memory candles like this one from flowers you give us.

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No More Cracked Fingers!

“This is the first product my husband has used that has prevented the skin on his fingers from cracking when the cold weather begins. Normally he has lived through the winter with Neosporin and Band-Aids on most of his fingers. This has been a wonderful discovery!”
–Jerrie T., NC

Click here to shop for your own soy lotion candle.

Dip your fingers right into our soy lotion candles for a moisturizing experience!

Dip your fingers right into our soy lotion candles for a moisturizing experience!

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Set your table this Thanksgiving with some homespun craftiness. We love thrifty ideas and we think Good Housekeeping had a good one in their November 2010 issue.

This fall keep your eyes open for old cheese graters at yard sales. Group several together on a tray, with a votive or tealight candle inside each one. Adorn the tray and the cheese graters with autumnal flowers, leaves, pinecones, etc for a terrific display. Light the candles for a holiday twinkle that will warm your heart and scent your dining room.

old fashion candlelight decor with old cheese graters

old fashion candlelight decor with old cheese graters

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