“Soy” Many Things Are Made with Soy

Have you ever considered the list of regular, household items that can be made with soy? We love soy for the soy lotion candles we make in Pawleys Island, South Carolina. But the rest of the world is in love with soy, too. Take a look at just some of places (some might come as a surprise to you) where you can find soy as an ingredient. What started out as a soybean has evolved into far more than soy sauce that we love with our stir fry and sushi.

Food for Thought
Everything from cookies and mayonnaise to protein bars and tofu include soy. There are coffees, teas and shakes made with soy. And soy can be found in dressings, nuts, baking mixes and burgers. There is even soy in some ice cream. Since 2001 soybeans have even been used as a fermenting stock for a particular brand of vodka.
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What’s in Your Beauty and Fashion Products?

Are you using soy-based soaps and cosmetics? They are out there. So is clothing made with soy. Fabric made from soy, which looks like silk, dries faster than cotton, wrinkles less and is biodegradable.
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Around the House
Resins, plastics, inks and even crayons are sometimes made with soy. In the United States, soybean oil is the primary source of biodiesel.
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soybeans in the field

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