Hairdryers Quickly Fix Soy Candles

We know that candles don’t burn perfectly every time you light them. So we address the most common problem, tunneling, and give you a simple solution!

Prevent Tunneling
When you burn your candle be sure to let it burn until the entire surface is covered in melted soy oil. Soy has a memory and if you blow out your candle before the candle has burned long enough to melt across the entire surface the soy will “remember” and have a tendency to stop at that same point the next time it is lit.

Repair Tunneling
If tunneling has already occurred, trim the candle’s wick, then take your hairdryer and heat the soy lotion candle from the top. Hold your hairdryer about 12 inches from the candle until the soy melts all the way across. This will level your soy lotion candle and make it ready to burn once again.

The 15-Second Secret
Kathy Miller, Isle of Candles’ owner, suggests softening your soy lotion candle without lighting it by heating it with your hairdryer for 15 short seconds. This warms the candle enough that you can dip into the soy lotion and use it on your skin.

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