Happy National Blueberry Month

It’s July and we have blueberries on the brain. Only after we learned that July is National Blueberry Month did we ponder the feasibility of a Blueberry soy lotion candle.

Isle of Candles has many fruit-fragranced candles into which you can dip, but not Blueberry. If Blackberry Sage is good and Orange Ginger is a crowd favorite, why not Blueberry? We delight in Mango Melon and Pink Grapefruit, but Blueberry isn’t on our radar.

Should we rethink this? Should we explore dipping into a Blueberry-scented soy candle and using the Blueberry lotion on our skin?

While we ponder, why not whip up a Blue Witch’s Brew for this hot July day.

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