Clean Your Old Jars; We’ll Refill Them

Did you know that Isle of Candles can turn almost any glass container into a soy lotion candle? We turn wine glasses, tea cups, terra cotta pots and more into soy lotion candles. It only costs $1.25 per ounce.

To Clean Your Candle Container
The easiest way to clean your old candle containers is to pour out the melted soy oil (or wax) before it solidifies again. Then, you can usually wipe the jar clean with a paper towel.

If your wick is spent and there is soy or wax build up in the candle, get out the hairdryer. Not just for hair anymore, hairdryers are excellent sources of heat to melt away candle remains that won’t burn any longer.

Recycle the Soy Lotion Candles You Bought from the Isle
We also encourage you to bring back the glass candle containers you buy at our store so we can refill them for you. The 11 oz candles are $18.99 on the shelf. We can refill them for $13.75.

We have customers who ship boxes filled with empty glass jars to us for an annual refilling. We especially love to refill candle containers from other companies.

Each container must hold at least 4 ounces and you can pick and choose your refill fragrances at will.

Turn your wine glasses into soy lotion candles.

Turn your wine glasses into soy lotion candles.

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