Soy Lotion Testimonial: Relief for Cracked and Bleeding Hands

Isle of Candles recently received this testimonial from a customer who has battled dry, cracked hands in wintertime that often result in bleeding.

“Every winter, my hands get very dry and they crack and bleed. I’ve been to a few dermatologists who all told me to use these expensive prescription creams and to moisturize my hands once an hour. For me, that’s impossible. I had pretty much just accepted that my hands will always be dry and cracked in the winter. Then we met you guys and ever since [my wife] has had one of your candles around. This winter, after complaining about forgetting to moisturize, [my wife] suggested that I try the lotion from one of your candles. So I ‘dipped’, rubbed in the lotion, and went to bed. I was amazed when I woke up because the lotion from your candles kept my hands moisturized all night. I dipped again in the morning, and it kept my hands moisturized nearly all day. Now I can use the lotion 2 or 3 times a day rather than once an hour, and keep my hands dry and nearly crack free.”
–Matt C., Myrtle Beach

Matt, we’re so glad you tried dipping into our soy lotion candles and have finally found relief for your hands. Naturally rich in vitamin E, our soy candles are great for hands AND FEET! Maybe this Valentine’s Day you’ll pamper your wife with a foot rub using our soy lotion!
Our soy candles are "dippable."

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