June 2011

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I just read where the average American generates three pounds of garbage a day. At Isle of Candles, we are environmentally aware. Not only are the soy lotion candles that our on-site factory makes environmentally friendly, but we have a special fragrance that has a little secret.

Enchanted Island is one of the fabulous fragrances we stock on our store shelves, sell online and make available to wholesale customers nationwide. But one Enchanted Island soy lotion candle might not smell exactly like another Enchanted Island soy lotion candle.

This is because Enchanted Island is a blend of fragrances. And it’s not a blend that we create with a formula of oils or a recipe of sorts. Enchanted Island is one way that Isle of Candles recycles.

You see, when we hand pour candles in 21 oz, 11 oz, 7 oz, 6 oz, 3 oz and tealight-size molds, we oftentimes have a little soy lotion leftover. Instead of throwing this scented soy lotion in the trash, we save it, regardless of which fragrances we were pouring.

So when Janet, our favorite Long Islander is working the store, we sell a tremendous amount of Love Struck, because this is one of Janet’s favorites. That means the factory must make more Love Struck than say, Honeysuckle, that day. So we might have more Love Struck soy lotion leftovers being added to the Enchanted Island blend.
We love Janet and she loves "Love Struck" soy lotion candles.

And now that we are making autumn fragrances, our Enchanted Island has more hints of Pear, Oatmeal Cookie and Rosemary than it does Gardenia, Baby Love and Fresh Crisp Linen.

What is amazing is how wonderfully delightful Enchanted Island always smells, day after day–regardless of the fragrance blend that went into making it.

Enchanted Island is our recycled fragrance and a favorite among customers. And right now in the retail store, Enchanted Island soy lotion candles are 20% off!

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