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Wick Trimming 101

Sure, we all buy candles and they all likely come with a warning label on the bottom of the container, but does anyone ever read those things? If you read Isle of Candles’ warning labels you would discover instructions to keep your wick trimmed to a height of ¼-inch. Such trimming results in longer burn times and a better burning candle.
a warning label from Isle of Candles

Why trim your wick…
In short, the reason you should trim your candle wick is because it makes your candle last longer with the best burn possible. There is an optimum length for our cotton wicks to appropriately absorb and then burn off the melting soy.

Trimming your candle wick helps prevent…
*the wick from leaning over into the candle and getting buried in the soy
*the charred mushroom tip of the burnt wick from breaking off into the candle

When should you trim your wick…
Trim your candle wick every time you light the candle. If you have been burning the candle for several hours, it might be necessary to extinguish the flame, trim the wick and relight the candle if the wick is forming a charred mushroom shape at its tip.

Tools for trimming…
We highly recommend the Wickman wick trimmer because it has a special tray that catches the cut wick, preventing it from falling into the candle. Use nail clippers until you get your wick trimmer. As a last resort use scissors, which can easily damage a candle, not to mention your wrist, due to the angle you must hold the scissors to trim container candle wicks.

The Wickman wick trimmer is a wonderful tool for candle lovers. It's available at Isle of Candles.

The Wickman wick trimmer is a wonderful tool for candle lovers.

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