August 2010

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“ I am delighted to tell others about your fantastic soy candles and what they have done for me! I am a long distant runner and have run for 32 years. I could cream my feet four times a day and they still are very dry. They crack. Over the years I have tried everything from over the counter to the dermatologist. He even recommended super glue! I had to use super glue to close the deep cracks in my heels and bottoms of my feet just for the intense pain. Then about four years ago I found your soy candles. I always keep one on my night stand. When my heels crack open, (ouch) and my cuticles are dry and split I rub the soy on. It takes 48 hours and they are healed. Honest! No medication out there from the doctor ever worked! He ran out of medications for me to try. Thank you for having this wonderful page to give testimony to your excellent products!”
Raleigh, NC

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