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The testimony below is from Melanie, who recently visited the Isle of Candles retail store in Pawleys Island, SC. She shared with us her personal experience with our soy lotion candles and we had to pass it along.

“I purchased my first soy lotion candle last year and simply love it. I keep it by the stove in case of emergency! I only bought one because I’m always skeptical of these type of advertisements. A candle that will help with burns, bites, etc?? With my boyfriend being a pharmacist, I’ve learned that some products are not always what they seem and do not work like the label claims.

A few months back, I was taking a frying pan from the stove to the sink and it slipped out of my hand. Not thinking, I grabbed the pan and not the handle. I burned all my fingers and the palm of my hand. I’m sure my instant reaction to put my hand under cold water helped greatly however, I reached for my candle and just covered my hand with soy lotion. After a few minutes, the burning was gone and I put on a surgical glove on to keep from getting lotion everywhere and kept right on working in the kitchen. Thank you for your wonderful product!”
–Melanie (Snyder, TN)

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Soy lotion candles start at $7.99. Citrus Delight is a popular fragrance to use in the kitchen as it absorbs cooking and smoking odors.

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